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Ontario Winter Road Conditions – Michigan Border Crossings

Below is the Ontario Ministry of Transportation list of Winter road conditions on provincially maintained highways in Southwestern Ontario.  This shows problems such as snow, ice or water on the main highways in the area.  This includes the area around the Detroit and Port Huron border crossings.

Given how long this report is you may want to press the “Ctrl” key and the “F” key to bring up a search window in your browser.  You can then put in the highway number and it will take you straight to that roadway if there is a report.

Area of coverage:
Windsor, Chatham east to London, Brantford, Kitchener, north to Lake Huron, North Perth, East Huron, South Huron, Collingwood and Owen Sound

Southwestern Ontario Road ConditionsHighwaysAreaRoad ConditionLast Updated
Southwestern (file generated at 9:42 AM)10Orangeville to Shelburnenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0010Shelburne to Fleshertonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0010Flesherton to Chatsworthnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0019Tillsonburg to Ingersollnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0021Highway 402 to Zurich - Hensall Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0021Zurich - Hensall Road to Goderichnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0021Goderich to Underwoodnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0021Underwood to Springmountnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0023Elginfield to Harristonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0024Simcoe to Brantfordnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0024Brantford to Cambridgenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0026Collingwood to Owen Soundnot applicable2018-09-05 0:003Niagara County Line to Simcoenot applicable2018-09-05 0:003Simcoe to St.Thomasnot applicable2018-09-05 0:003Leamington to East of Highway 401not applicable2018-09-05 0:003East of Highway 401 to Windsornot applicable2018-09-05 0:004St.Thomas to Londonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:004London to Highway 8not applicable2018-09-05 0:0040Chatham to Wallaceburgnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0040Wallaceburg to Sarnianot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Highway 6 to Drumbonot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Drumbo to Ingersollnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Ingersoll to Londonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401London to Chatham/Kentnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Chatham/Kent to Tilburynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Tilbury to North Talbot Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401North Talbot Road to Windsornot applicable2018-09-05 0:00402London to Nauvoo Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00402Nauvoo Road to Sarnianot applicable2018-09-05 0:00403Brant/Hamilton County to Highway 401not applicable2018-09-05 0:006Port Dover to Caledonianot applicable2018-09-05 0:006Highway 401 to Highway 7 - Woodlawn Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:006Guelph to Fergusnot applicable2018-09-05 0:006Fergus to Mount Forestnot applicable2018-09-05 0:006Mount Forest to Owen Soundnot applicable2018-09-05 0:006Owen Sound to Tobermorynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Acton to Guelphnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Guelph to Waterloonot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Kitchener to Stratfordnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Stratford to Elginfieldnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007087Highway 3 to Ojibway Parkwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0077Leamington to Highway 401not applicable2018-09-05 0:008Highway 401 to Kitchenernot applicable2018-09-05 0:008Kitchener to Stratfordnot applicable2018-09-05 0:008Stratford to Mitchellnot applicable2018-09-05 0:008Mitchell to Goderichnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0085Victoria Street overpass to End of core/collectorsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0085End of core/collectors to St.Jacobsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0089Rosemont to Harristonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:009Harriston to Kincardinenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00

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