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Chateauguay / Herdman

Chateauguay / Herdman – NY 374, County Road 52 /  QC 202, Montee Herdman

Latest Weather for the Chateaugay / Herdman Border Crossing

The Chateauguay border crossing is very lightly travelled.

Chateauguay Herdman Border Crossing Information

  • Hours of Operation  – This port is open 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week
  • Commercial Services are only available M-F with more limited hours. Call the border office for more information.

Map of Chateauguay / Herdman Border Crossing Area

Current traffic conditions are shown on the map in color if data is available. This map is interactive so you may zoom in or out. You can zoom in and drag the orange “man” to the map to see a street view of roadways in this area. You can get directions to this port by clicking on the “Directions” link at the bottom of the map.

Center map
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Chateauguay / Herdman Border Crossing

Current Road Conditions in New York State and Quebec Around the Border

We have special pages showing all current road advisories for the State of New York and the Province of Quebec. These pages show problems such as roadway accidents, snow or ice, lane closures or blockages, construction, road restrictions, traffic problems, and roadwork around the border crossing.

Chateauguay / Herdman Customs and Border Crossing Travel Tips

  • You can call 511 or 888-GO511NY (888-465-1169) in New York to get “almost” real time road conditions information.
  • Québec also has the 511 telephone service, available 24/7, which provides road conditions information.  From within Quebec Province call 511 on any phone.  You can also reach it from anywhere in North America by calling 1 888 355-0511 toll free.
  • Send us YOUR tips for this port!

Telephone Numbers for the Border Customs Offices at Chateauguay and Herdma

  • Chateauguay U.S. Border Office Contact Information: (518) 497-6639
  • You will need to call the Canadian Border Information Service (CBIS) for information on the Canadian port as they discourage calls directly to the customs office.

Chateauguay / Herdman Port GPS Coordinates – Longitude and Latitude:

44.9936, -74.0858

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