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Northeastern Ontario Road Conditions

Below is the Province of Ontario Ministry of Transportation list of  Winter road conditions on provincially maintained highways in Northeastern Ontario.  This shows problems such as snow, ice or water on the main highways in the area. This includes the area around the Sault St. Marie border crossing.

Given how long this report is you may want to press the “Ctrl” key and the “F” key to bring up a search window in your browser.  You can then put in the highway number and it will take you straight to that roadway if there is a report.

Area of coverage:
Gravenhurst East to Chalk River, North to Hearst and South to Elliot Lake including Algoma, Manitoulin Island, North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins, Cochrane and New Liskeard.

Northeastern Ontario Road ConditionsHighwaysAreaRoad ConditionLast Updated
Northeastern (file generated at 9:42 AM)101Quebec Border to Mathesonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00101Matheson to Shillingtonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00101Shillington to Timminsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00101Timmins to Highway 144not applicable2018-09-05 0:00101Highway 144 to Shawmere Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:00101Shawmere River to Highway 651not applicable2018-09-05 0:00101Highway 651 to Wawanot applicable2018-09-05 0:00108Serpent River to Highway 639not applicable2018-09-05 0:00108Timber Road North to Interchange 140 - Elliot Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Severn Bridge to Muskoka Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Muskoka Falls to Emsdalenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Emsdale to Burk's Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Burk's Falls to North Baynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011North Bay to Temagaminot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Temagami to Temiskaming Shoresnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Temiskaming Shores to Thornloenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Thornloe to Kenogaminot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Kenogami to Bourkes Road Eastnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Bourkes Road East to Black Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Black River to Cochranenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Cochrane to Driftwoodnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Driftwood to Fauquiernot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Fauquier to Lowthernot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Lowther to Calstocknot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011Calstock to Pagwachuan Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:00112Highway 11 to Highway 66not applicable2018-09-05 0:00118Loon Lake to Vankoughnetnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00118Vankoughnet to Muskoka Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0011BTri-Town to Haileyburynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00124Parry Sound to Sundridgenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00124Sundridge to Summit Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00127Hastings/Nipissing County Line to Whitneynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00129Thessalon to Aubrey Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00129Aubrey Falls to Chapleaunot applicable2018-09-05 0:00141Highway 11 - Utterson to Rosseaunot applicable2018-09-05 0:00141Rosseau to Parry Soundnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00144Lively to Nickel Basin Road Northnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00144Nickel Basin Road North to Cartiernot applicable2018-09-05 0:00144Cartier to Marquettenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00144Marquette to Gogamanot applicable2018-09-05 0:00144Gogama to Timminsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Deux Rivieres to Bonfieldnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Bonfield to Golf Course Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Golf Course Road to Highway 535 Hagarnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Highway 535 Hagar to Conistonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Coniston to Highway 69 Sudburynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Highway 69 Sudbury to Fairbanks Lake Road WhiteFishnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Fairbanks Lake Road WhiteFish to Masseynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Massey to Serpent Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Serpent River to Highway 548not applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Highway 548 to Hwy 17B Eastnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Sault Saint Marie North Limits to Montreal River Bridgenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Montreal River Bridge to Wawanot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Wawa to Paint Lake Rdnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Paint Lake Rd to Southwest of White Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017BNorth Bay to Highway 17 - North Bay Bypassnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017BBar River Rd to West Jct Hwy 17/Hwy 17Bnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0035Victoria County / Haliburton District to Carnarvonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0035Carnarvon to Dwightnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00400Port Severn to Horseshoe Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00400Horseshoe Lake to Parry Soundnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00510Highway 520 to Highway 124not applicable2018-09-05 0:00518Kearney to Emsdalenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00518Emsdale to Yearly Road Southnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00518Yearly Road South to Highway 69/400not applicable2018-09-05 0:00519Highway 17 - Dambrossio Township to Green Lake Road - Dunphy Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00520Highway 11 to Highway 124not applicable2018-09-05 0:00520Highway 124 to Ardbegnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00522McFadden Line to Wilson Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00522Wilson Township to Highway 69 Mowat Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00522BTrout Creek to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:00523Hastings/Nipissing County Line to Madawaskanot applicable2018-09-05 0:00524Highway 522 to Highway 534not applicable2018-09-05 0:00526Highway 69 (Parry Sound District) to Brittnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00528Highway 64 - Lafreniere's Corners to Wolseley Baynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00528AHighway 528 to Pine Covenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00529Pointe au Baril to Byng Inletnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00529ABayfield Inlet to Nares Inlet Lodge Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00531Bonfield to Highway 17not applicable2018-09-05 0:00532Highway 556 to Gadette Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00533Mattawa to Highway 63 (south of Thorne)not applicable2018-09-05 0:00534Highway 11 - Powassan to Nipissingnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00534Nipissing to Restoule Provincial Parknot applicable2018-09-05 0:00535Highway 64 - Noelville to Riviere Veuvenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00537Highway 69 Interchange to Wahnipitaenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00538East junction highway 17 to West junction highway 17not applicable2018-09-05 0:00539Highway 17 - Warren to Highway 64 - Fieldnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00539AHighway 539 to Highway 805not applicable2018-09-05 0:00540Little Current to Highway 551not applicable2018-09-05 0:00540Highway 551 to Meldrum Baynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00540AJct of Hwy 540 & 540A to Barrie Island - End of Hwy 540Anot applicable2018-09-05 0:00540BEast Jct of Hwy 540 & 540B to Town of Gore Bay East limitsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00542Jct Hwy 6 & 542 to Jct of Hwy 542 & 540not applicable2018-09-05 0:00542Jct of Hwy 542 & 540 to Jct of Hwy 542 & 551not applicable2018-09-05 0:00542AHighway 542 to Tehkummahnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00546Iron Bridge to Highway 639not applicable2018-09-05 0:00546Highway 639 to Rawhide Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00547Highway 101 to Hawk Junctionnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00548Highway 17 to Kent's Cornersnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00550Buckley to Gros Capnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00551Mindemoya to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00552Island Lake to Goulais Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:00552Goulais River to Goulais Baynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00553Highway 17 - Massey to Junction highway 553 & 810not applicable2018-09-05 0:00554Parkinson to Warncliffenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00556Heyden to SEC HWY 532not applicable2018-09-05 0:00556SEC HWY 532 to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00557Blind River to Bearhead Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00558Haileybury to Mowat Landingnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00559Nobel to Killbear Provincial Parknot applicable2018-09-05 0:00560Englehart to Charltonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00560Charlton to Highway 144not applicable2018-09-05 0:00560ANickel Belt to West Treenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00562Thornloe to McCoolnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00563Highway 17 to Batchawananot applicable2018-09-05 0:00564Tarzell to Boston Covenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00565Prince to Pointe au Pinsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00566Matachewan to Ashley Minesnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00567North Cobalt to Lower Notchnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00568Highway 11 - Kenogami to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00569Nine Mile to Heaslipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00570Highway 11 to Sesikinikanot applicable2018-09-05 0:00571Thornloe to Earltonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00572Ramore to Mathesonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00573Charlton to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00574Norembega to Highway 652not applicable2018-09-05 0:00575Verner to Fieldnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00577Highway 101 - Shillington to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:00579Cochrane to Gardinernot applicable2018-09-05 0:00581Cochrane to Remi Lake Parknot applicable2018-09-05 0:00583Mead to Lac Ste Theresenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00592Highway 11 - Novar Road to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:006Tobermory to South Limits of Little Currentnot applicable2018-09-05 0:006North Limits of Little Current to Whitefish Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:006Whitefish Falls to Highway 17-Baldwin Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0060Madawaska to Oxtongue Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0060Oxtongue Lake to Huntsvillenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00607Bigwood to Albannot applicable2018-09-05 0:00607ABigwood to French Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:00612Foot's Bay to Gordon Baynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00624Highway 569 to Highway 66 - Larder Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0063North Bay to Thornenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00630Kiosk to Highway 17not applicable2018-09-05 0:00631White River to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:00632ROSSEAU to Minettnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00634Smooth Rock to Abitibi Canyon Damnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00636Cochrane to Clute Township Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00637Highway 69 to Killarneynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00638Bruce Mines to Echo Baynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00639Highway 108 to Highway 546not applicable2018-09-05 0:0064Highway 69 to Highway 17not applicable2018-09-05 0:0064Highway 17 to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:00645Highway 529 to Byng Inletnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0065Quebec Border to New Liskeardnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0065New Liskeard to Elk Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0065Elk Lake to Matachewannot applicable2018-09-05 0:00650Highway 112 - Dane to Adams Minenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00651Highway 101 to Missinabinot applicable2018-09-05 0:00652Cochrane to Kattawagami River Bridgenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00654Nipissing to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:00655Timmins to Carnegie Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00655Carnegie Township to Driftwoodnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00656Mattawan Township to Holden Generating Stationnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0066Quebec Border to Kirkland Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0066Kirkland Lake to Kenogaminot applicable2018-09-05 0:0066Kenogami to Matachewannot applicable2018-09-05 0:00661Highway 144 to Gogamanot applicable2018-09-05 0:00663Highway 11 to Calstocknot applicable2018-09-05 0:00667Sultan to Highway 129not applicable2018-09-05 0:00668Highway 11 - Cochrane District to Green Water Provincial Parknot applicable2018-09-05 0:0067Highway 11 - Iroquois Falls to Old highway 578 - Anson Drivenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00670Ophir to Dunns Valleynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00672Highway 66 to Highway 101not applicable2018-09-05 0:0069Parry Sound to Pointe au Barilnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0069Pointe au Baril to Henvey Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0069Henvey Township to Wanupnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0069Wanup to Sudburynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007036Newmarket Township to Newmarket Township Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007037Hannah Township to Lamarche Townshipnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007041Highway 6 to White Fish Falls Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007042McVittie Road to Highway 7279not applicable2018-09-05 0:007044Highway 144 - Windy Lake Road to Highway 144 - Cartiernot applicable2018-09-05 0:007045Highway 17 - Macintyre Road to End of Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007085Highway 129 - Aubrey Falls to End of Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007088Havilland Shores Drive to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007089Algoma District to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007090Harmony Beach Road to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007122Highway 129 to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007140Highway 144 to Bennynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007152South Junction highway 112 to North Junction highway 112not applicable2018-09-05 0:007162Ontario Street to Highway 11not applicable2018-09-05 0:007182Highway 559 to Highway 69not applicable2018-09-05 0:007188Sunset Pass Drive to Junction highway 520not applicable2018-09-05 0:007279Junction highway 69 & 7279 to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007285Highway 69 to Old Highway 69not applicable2018-09-05 0:007286Glandu Rd to Highway 69not applicable2018-09-05 0:007289Exit 189 to Highway 141not applicable2018-09-05 0:007290Highway 141 North Junction to Highway 400 - Horseshoe Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:007297South Service Road to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007298Ontario Street to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007299Highway 637 to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:007910Start to End of Highwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00810Highway 553 to Richie Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0094Highway 654 to Hwy 17not applicable2018-09-05 0:00

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