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Ontario Road Winter Road Conditions at New York Border

Below is the Ontario Ministry of Transportation list of Winter road conditions on provincially maintained highways along it’s South Eastern Border with New York.  This shows problems such as snow, ice or water on the main highways in the area.

Area of coverage:

Port Hope east to Kingston and the Quebec border, then north to Pembroke including Peterborough, Haliburton and Ottawa

Eastern Ontario Road ConditionsHighwaysAreaRoad ConditionLast Updated
Eastern (file generated at 9:42 AM)115Highway 35/115 to Highway 7 - Peterboroughnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00118Paudash to Loon Lakenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00127Maynooth to Hastings/Nipissing County Linenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00132Renfrew to Highway 41not applicable2018-09-05 0:0028Highway 7 to Burleigh Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0028Burleigh Falls to Apsleynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0028Apsley to Town of Bancroftnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0028Town of Bancroft to Detlor Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0028Detlor Road to Denbighnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0033Glenora Ferry to Bloomfieldnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0035Junction highway 35/115 to Junction highway 7Anot applicable2018-09-05 0:0035Junction highway 7A to Lindsaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0035Lindsay to Victoria County / Haliburton Districtnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0037Belleville to Tweednot applicable2018-09-05 0:0037Tweed to Highway 7not applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Kingston to Quinte Road 33 - Interchange 525not applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Quinte Road 33 - Interchange 525 to CLARINGTON East Limitsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Napanee to Highway 401not applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Kaladar to Bon Echo Parknot applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Bon Echo Park to Denbighnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Denbigh to Khartunnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Khartun to Grattan Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Grattan Road to Eganvillenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0041Eganville to Pembrokenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0049Marysville to Tyendinaga Township Road 31not applicable2018-09-05 0:0060Renfrew to Eganvillenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0060Eganville to Killaloenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0060Killaloe to Madawaskanot applicable2018-09-05 0:0062Bloomfield to Bellevillenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0062Belleville to Thurlownot applicable2018-09-05 0:0062Thurlow to Madocnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0062Madoc to Eldoradonot applicable2018-09-05 0:0062Eldorado to Bancroftnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0062Bancroft to Maynoothnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Perth to Lanarknot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Lanark to Kennebecnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Kennebec to Kaladarnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Kaladar to Madocnot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Madoc to Havelocknot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Havelock to Otonabeenot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Otonabee to Highway 28not applicable2018-09-05 0:007Highway 28 to Junction highway 7 & 115not applicable2018-09-05 0:007Junction highway 7 & 115 to Omemeenot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Omemee to North Junction Highway 12not applicable2018-09-05 0:007025Shrine Hill Drive to Hillcrest Avenuenot applicable2018-09-05 0:007ACavan to Highway 35not applicable2018-09-05 0:007AHighway 35 to Nesbitt Road - Blackstocknot applicable2018-09-05 0:001000Highway 2 to Highway 401not applicable2018-09-05 0:00137Canada / USA Border to Highway 401not applicable2018-09-05 0:00138Cornwall to Highway 417not applicable2018-09-05 0:00148Ontario Quebec Border to Pembrokenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0015Highway 401 to Smith Fallsnot applicable2018-09-05 0:0015Smith Falls to Carleton Placenot applicable2018-09-05 0:0016Johnstown to Highway 416not applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Arnprior to END HWY 417not applicable2018-09-05 0:0017END HWY 417 to Cobdennot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Cobden to Chalk Rivernot applicable2018-09-05 0:0017Chalk River to Deux Rivieresnot applicable2018-09-05 0:002Gananoque to Highway 2 & Thousand Island Parkwaynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0033Collins Bay Road to Glenora Ferrynot applicable2018-09-05 0:0034Highway 417 to Hawkesburynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Quebec Border to Johnstownnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Johnstown to Maitlandnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Maitland to Lansdownenot applicable2018-09-05 0:00401Lansdowne to Kingstonnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00416Highway 401 to Fallowfield Roadnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00416Fallowfield Road to Highway 417not applicable2018-09-05 0:00417Quebec Border to Highway 138not applicable2018-09-05 0:00417Highway 138 to Gloucesternot applicable2018-09-05 0:00417Gloucester to Fitzroynot applicable2018-09-05 0:00417Fitzroy to Arnpriornot applicable2018-09-05 0:007Junction highway 417 & 17 to Perthnot applicable2018-09-05 0:00

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