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Priority Snow Removal Corridors in Maine

The map below shows the roads that are prioritized for snow plow activity on major Maine highways.

Because of limited resources, snow and ice removal priorities are tied to the State’s established highway corridor priorities. During a winter storm event, the level of service for all routes will typically be reduced between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 4:00 A.M, depending upon specific storm conditions.

Priority 1 Roadways in The State of Maine

  • The Interstate Highway 95
  • Brewer-Calais Rte 9
  • Newport-Gilead Rte 2
  • Houlton-Madawaska Rte 1

Priority 2 Road Corridors in Maine

  • The National Hwy System
  • Caribou-Ft. Kent Rte 161
  • Bangor-Greenville Rte 15
  • Ellsworth-Eastport Rte 1
  • Lewiston-Bethel Rte 11/26

Priority 3 Snow Removal Roadways

  • Manchester-Farmington Rte 17
  • Saco-Fryburg Rte 5
  • Lincoln-Vanceboro Rte 6
  • Sherman-Ft. Kent Rte 11

Priority 4

  • Major Collectors not included above (including 3 miles of marine highway)

Priority 6

  • Local Roads and Streets – These are maintained by local municipalities

Map showing the priority roads that are cleared of snow first.