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Holidays and special events can overwhelm border crossing stations.  This calendar shows you the days that may have significantly higher traffic delays at the border and on the roads in general.  Be aware that traffic can also be heavier than usual on days before and after holidays.  If the holiday is adjacent to a weekend, the entire weekend will likely have very heavy traffic.  If you must cross the border on these days, think about arriving early in the day, or perhaps use a lower volume port that may be less affected.

If you are aware of an event that will impact border crossing traffic please email us with this information so we can include it on this calendar.

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* Columbus Day - U.S.Columbus Day - U.S.

Columbus Day is not a country-wide holiday in the U.S. However, most Federal and State government agencies close as do some schools. Businesses typically remain open and mass transit runs on normal weekday schedules. Given the fact that the government is the largest single U.S. employer there will be many more people traveling on the 3 day weekend. When combined with Canadian Thanksgiving Day border traffic is extremely heavy. Columbus Day is always celebrated on the second Monday in October.

* Thanksgiving Day - CNThanksgiving Day - CN

Time: 12:00 am

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving day on the second Monday in October which is different than US holiday with the same name. This creates a 3 day weekend with very heavy traffic day as Canadians flock to U.S. stores.

* Niagara Falls MarathonNiagara Falls Marathon

The Niagara Falls International Marathon starts by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo N.Y. and crosses the Peace Bridge into the historic old town of Fort Erie, Ontario.

* Detroit MarathonDetroit Marathon

Over 20,000 runners participate in the Marathon whose route includes going through the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge. In the past, the Tunnel was closed from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to all traffic during the event. The Ambassador Bridge closes some lanes so traffic is heavy. In addition, many local streets in Windsor are closed and traffic is rerouted. Click on this box to get more information.

* Bike the BridgeBike the Bridge

Time: 7:00 am

THIS DATE CAN CHANGE SO DOUBLE CHECK IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING THIS ROUTE. The Ambassador Bridge will restrict traffic to allow Canadian and American cyclists the opportunity to bike across the bridge. The event typically starts at 7:00 am and runs most of the day but the impact on bridge traffic should be over by 8:00 or 9:00 am.

Category Key
 a. Affects All Border Crossing
 b. British Columbia/WA, ID, MT
 c. Alberta / Montana
 d. Saskatchewan / MT, ND
 e. Manitoba / ND, MN
 f. Ontario / MI, MN, NY
 g. Quebec / NY, VT, NH, ME
 h. New Brunswick / Maine

Additional Local Events that Cause Backups along the border

Local events such as concerts and sporting events can overload a particular border crossing when cars are arriving and departing.  Here are some of the regular events that jam up certain border crossings.

  • Buffalo Bills Football Games – Buffalo Bills football games can create congestion at Michigan and Buffalo Area border crossings due to Canadians attending the game and those from Detroit driving to Buffalo through Canada. Travelers should check traffic conditions at the four border crossings within the Buffalo/Niagara region and select the crossing that is least congested.  Games are played September through December.
  • Buffalo Sabre Games – Buffalo Sabre hockey games can cause heavy traffic on the Peace Bridge when the game lets out because approximately 20% of Sabre fans reside in Southern Ontario.   Peace Bridge NEXUS lane service hours are usually expanded to around midnight following all Sabres night home games.  Games typically run October through April.

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