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Montana / Canada Border Crossings

Montana Border Crossings

Montana shares 14 Canadian border crossings with British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan provinces along its 545 mile, 877 kilometer, northern border. The most heavily travelled ports are Sweetgrass, Roosville and Piegan. These three are also major trucking portals between Canada and the U.S. Sweetgrass is by far the most heavily used port and carries almost as much traffic as all the other ports in Montana combined.

Important! Not all Border Crossings in Montana have the same regulations, hours of operations and rules. Make sure you confirm road conditions, border hours of operation, and any permit issues before you leave.

Detailed Information on All Montana Border Crossings

Below is a link to each of the border crossings between the State of Montana and Canada.   These pages have very specific information on each border crossing including such things as current road conditions, traffic information, weather conditions, and contact information for each port.  As you read down the list you are seeing the border crossings running from West to East.

  1. Roosville / Grasmere
  2. Chief Mountain
  3. Piegan / Carway
  4. Del Bonita
  5. Sweetgrass  /Coutts
  6. Whitlash Aden
  7. Wildhorse
  8. Willow Creek
  9. Turner / Climax
  10. Morgan / Monchy
  11. Opheim / West Poplar River
  12. Scobey / Coranach
  13. Whitetail / Big Beaver – PERMANENTLY CLOSED
  14. Raymond / Regway