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North Dakota / Canada Border Crossings

North Dakota / Canadian Border Crossings

North Dakota’s 310 mile northern border has 18 international ports that are shared with the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.   The most heavily used border crossings are at Pembina, Portal, Peace Garden and Neche.  These are also the major trucking portals between the U.S. and Canada.

Detailed Information on Each North Dakota Border Crossing

Below are links to our pages with detailed information on each of the vehicle border crossings between the State of North Dakota and Canada.   These pages include travel tips, current border wait times, road conditions and other real time information.  As you read down the list you are seeing the border crossings running from West to East.

  1. Fortuna / Oungre
  2. Ambrose / Torquay
  3. Noonan / Estevan
  4. Portal / North Portal
  5. Northgate
  6. Sherwood / Carievale
  7. Antler / Lyleton
  8. Westhope / Coulter
  9. Carbury / Goodlands
  10. Peace Garden
  11. St. John / Lena
  12. Hansboro / Cartwright
  13. Sarles / Crystal City
  14. Hannah / Snowflake
  15. Maida / Windygates
  16. Walhalla / Winkler
  17. Neche / Gretna
  18. Pembina / Emerson

Traveler Information for North Dakota

  • Important! Not all Border Crossings in North Dakota have the same hours of operations and commercial capabilities. Make sure you confirm these items and the road conditions before you leave. You can do this by using the website and telephone numbers we provide in the listing for each border crossing.
  • You can obtain information on Visitor Center and Rest Area locations in North Dakota on their website.
  • RV dump sites are NOT provided at ND Visitor Centers and Rest Areas and they have a separate web page showing RV dump sites.