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Vermont / Canada Border Crossings

Driving Across the United States / Canadian Border in Vermont

Vermont shares a 90 mile (145 kilometres) border with the Canadian province of Quebec that has 15 border crossings. It has several of the more heavily travelled border crossings between the countries including Derby Line / Stanstead and Highgate Springs / Saint-Armand.

Detailed Information on Each Vermont Border Crossing

Below are links to all of the border crossings between the State of Vermont and Canada. These pages include detailed information on each port including travel tips, current border wait times, road conditions and other real-time information.   As you read down the list you are seeing the border crossings running from West to East.

  1. Alburg / Noyan
  2. Alburg Springs / Clarenceville
  3. Highgate Springs / St Armand
  4. Morses Line
  5. West Berkshire / Frelighsbrug
  6. Richford / East Pinnacle
  7. Richford / Abercom
  8. East Richford / Glen Sutton
  9. North Troy / Highwater
  10. Beebe Plain / Stanstead
  11. Derby Line / Stanstead – Surface Streets
  12. Derby Line – Interstate 91
  13. Norton / Stanhope
  14. Canaan / Hereford
  15. Beecher Falls / East Hereford

General Information on Vermont Border Crossings

  • You can get 24 x 7 information on weather-related road conditions, construction and congestion by calling 5-1-1 within Vermont or by dialing 1-800-ICY-ROAD.
  • The Province of Québec maintains a telephone service, available 24/7, which provides “almost” real-time road conditions information.  From within Quebec Province call 511 on any phone.  You can also reach it from anywhere in North America by calling 1 888 355-0511 toll-free.
  • As in most areas, traffic is very heavy crossing the border over holidays such as Thanksgiving Day. This is especially true if the holiday lands on a long weekend.  Check out our Border Traffic Calendar to see if the day you will be travelling poses a problem.
  • Vermont and the Canadian Provence of Quebec both issue Enhanced Drivers Licenses EDL, NEXUS Cards and FAST Cards.
  • We have a separate page with a map showing freeway exits and rest areas on Interstates 89 and 91 in Vermont.  These are the 2 major transportation corridors in the state.  Rest areas could be closed for repair or due to budget issues.
  • We have another page showing the Vermont Truck Roadways including access, length, and load, restrictions.