1. Expect Heavy Border Traffic During The Canada Day and July 4th Holidays
  2. Easter Traffic at the U.S. Canada Border
  3. Expect Heavy Traffic During the Victoria Day and Memorial Day Holidays
  4. Christmas & New Years Traffic
  5. Thanksgiving / Black Friday Traffic
  6. Expect Heavy Traffic at the Border on Labor Day Weekend
  7. NEXUS Lines Getting Longer
  8. International Bridge Lane Widening
  9. Easter Traffic at the U.S. Canada Border
  10. Christmas & New Years Traffic
  11. Veterans and Remembrance Day Border Traffic
  12. Canadian Thanksgiving Border Traffic Delays
  13. Tracking Your Border Crossings
  14. Canada Criminal Record Policy
  15. Effect of U.S. Government Shutdown on Border Crossings – Update
  16. Rainbow Bridge – Now Reopened After Training Exercise
  17. Traffic Backups at the Border on the Canadian Civic Holiday Long Weekend
  18. New Sumas Ready Lane
  19. U.S. Budget Cuts Impact on Border Operations
  20. Passport Day – Apply or Renew a Passport Without An Appointment on Saturday
  21. New NEXUS lane at Peace Bridge
  22. New NEXUS Lane at Pacific Highway Border Crossing
  23. Whitetail Port Has Been Closed
  24. New “Idle No More” Border Protests
  25. Price Increases for Canadian Passports
  26. No Christmas Tolls on Peace Bridge
  27. Expanded Buffalo NEXUS Hours
  28. Service Disruption at Canadian Ports
  29. Sumas NEXUS Hours Reduced
  30. Hurricane Sandy U.S. Canada Border Crossing Impact
  31. Windsor Essex Parkway Construction Road Closures
  32. NEXUS Card Scams
  33. Peace Arch Border Crossing Has Reopened
  34. Van Buren Port – Temporary Closure
  35. Lewiston-Queenston Bridge Construction Delays
  36. Hwy 75 Construction Will Slow Traffic Near Emerson Port
  37. New Sumas NEXUS Lane
  38. IRS Tax Amnesty for Americans Living in Canada
  39. NEXUS Residency Requirements Relaxed
  40. New Canadian Duty Exemption Limits
  41. New Rental Car Rules
  42. Avoid Rainbow Bridge on June 15th
  43. Ambassador Bridge Traffic Restrictions on June 17th
  44. Peace Arch Port Closure
  45. New NEXUS Lane Added at Sumas Border Crossing
  46. Pacific Highway NEXUS Hours Extended
  47. Point Roberts Nexus Hours
  48. Sumas Lane Additions
  49. Sault Ste. Marie Changes
  50. Blue Water Bridge Construction Delays
  51. Peace Arch Delays
  52. CBSA Cutbacks
  53. Alexandria Bay Nexus Hours
  54. Canada Border Officials Walk Off Job
  55. “Beyond the Border” Anouncement
  56. Extended NEXUS Hours at Peace Bridge
  57. Ferry Point Port Closure
  58. Stepped Up Holiday Law Enforcement
  59. Chief Mountain Port Closes for Winter
  60. Cellphone Ban in New Brunswick
  61. Blaine / Surrey Construction Information
  62. Duty Free Price Reduction
  63. St. Leonard / Van Buren Port Closure
  64. North Portal – Highway Reopens
  65. Minnesota Government Restarts
  66. Portal Border Crossing
  67. Sweetgrass / Coutts Highway Delays
  68. Minnesota Government Shutdown – Traveler Impact
  69. More Flooding Along U.S. / Canadian Border
  70. Lane Added to Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle Border Crossing
  71. Summer Border Crossing Construction
  72. Blue Water Bridge Lane Closures
  73. Kingsgate Construction Delays
  74. Flooding Update
  75. Flooding in Manitoba and North Dakota
  76. Peace Arch Border Crossing Adds RFID Express Lane
  77. Entry Denied for Medical Reasons
  78. Canada Implements Border Crossing Closures
  79. RFID Security Issues in Passport Cards and EDL’s
  80. Whitetail Border Closure Hearings
  81. Canada Closing 3 Ports & Reducing Hours at 4 others
  82. Wildhorse Hours of Operation Extended
  83. Milltown Crossing Re-Opening
  84. New Peace Bridge Nexus Lane
  85. Repairing a Car in the U.S.
  86. Eastport / Kingsgate Construction Delays
  87. Laptop Seizures Upheld
  88. Severe Penalty for Lying about Purchase Price
  89. IBU Biathlon World Cup in Kent, Maine
  90. Rainbow Bridge Nexus Lane
  91. Milltown Crossing Closed