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The track of nasty weather from Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast U.S. and Canadian border with rain, high winds, snow, power outages, and some flooding but it did not have a major impact on the border crossings between the countries.   It has now lost most of it’s power and although it left a high death toll and enormous property damage it no longer appears to be a major threat to your trip across the border.

Storm Track Updates

U.S. states and Canadian provinces along the border are still experiencing heavy rain, wind, and significant power outages.   At its height Sandy left 150,000 customers without power in Ontario, 50,000 in the dark in Quebec and 14,000 in Nova Scotia.  The Bluewater Bridge border crossing in Sarnia was closed occasionally to truck traffic during the heaviest wind events

You should still check our  border crossing road conditions page for up-to-date information on storm impact in Michigan, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec, Ontario or New Brunswick.  You should also check the page for your specific border crossing to see if we have any current information for that port.

If you should be traveling across the border please send us your updates on border conditions as you find them.

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