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Fort Kent / Clair

Fort Kent Bridge / Clair Border Crossing – U.S. Highway 1 / New Brunswick Highway 205

The Fort Kent / Clair border crossing is in a remote, sparsely populated area that is linked more closely to French Canada than Maine. This is the northern terminus of U.S. highway 1 and the border crossing ranks in the top 1/3 of all U.S. / Canadian ports.  This border crossing is made via the International Bridge which was replaced in 2014 and now carries roughly 1,900 vehicles a day across the St. John River.

Be sure to also review our information on the border crossing experience and required documentation.

Fort Kent / Clair Port Information

  • Hours of Operation  – Both the US port of Fort Kent, and the Canadian port of Clair are open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week year around.
  • Canadian commercial services are available between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Travel Tips – Fort Kent / Claire Customs and Border Crossing

  • The natural beauty of this remote area also means there are much fewer travel services.  Make sure you keep track of the weather, fill up your gas tank at all major towns, and carry an emergency road kit.
  • You can get Maine road advisories and construction information 24 x 7 by calling 5-1-1 or  1-866-282-7578.
  • New Brunswick is also part of the 511 system so you can obtain similar information by calling 511 from within the province or 800-561-4063 from anywhere else in North America.

Contact Information for the Fort Kent and Clair Ports

You may use the telephone numbers below to contact the customs officials and border patrol officers who staff the ports at this border crossing.

  • The office for the U.S. port of Fort Kent is located at 401 West Main St., Fort Kent, ME 04743. You can call them at (207) 834-5255
  • The Canadian port of Clair is located at 790 Principale Street ,Clair NB E7A 2H6. To contact Canadian Customs or other border patrol services at this port call the Canadian Border Information Service (BIS) which can answer your questions or transfer you directly to the Canadian port.
  • Fort Kent / Claire Port GPS coordinates – Latitude & Longitude: 47°14’56″N 68°36’15″W

Road Advisories for Maine and the New Brunswick District of Edmundston

Current weather for the Fort Kent / Claire border crossing
We have a special page showing all current road advisories for the northern part of the State of Maine and the adjacent Canadian district of Edmundston.  This page lists all lane closures or blockages, road restrictions, traffic problems, warnings, and roadwork.

Location and Traffic Map for the Fort Kent and Clair Ports

To view Current Traffic Conditions at this border crossing, select “View Larger Map” and turn on the traffic layer.