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Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge – Detroit / Windsor – US Interstate 75 / Canadian ON 3

Diagram of traffic flow at the U.S. Customs Plaza at the Ambassador BridgeThe Ambassador Bridge is the busiest United States / Canada truck crossing and handles around 8,000 trucks and 68,000 travelers daily.  The bridge is owned by the Detroit International Bridge Co., which is controlled by Grosse Pointe billionaire Manuel Moroun.

There are 17 traffic lights between the Ontario/Quebec Border and the Ambassador Bridge.  All of the lights are within sight of the bridge as all traffic must make its way down Huron Church Road.

See our page Tolls for Bridges Along the U.S. Canada Border for toll rates for this bridge

Ambassador Bridge Port Information

  • Hours of Operation – This border crossing is open 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week.
  • This port has NEXUS lanes for entering the U.S. or Canada.  We have a separate page showing Nexus lane hours for both countries.
  • Commercial Services are available only M-F with more limited hours. Call the border office for more information.
  • Lane 3 is a Ready Lane from 6AM to 10AM Monday through Saturday.

Current Traffic Conditions at the Ambassador Bridge

Always check our page with real-time road conditions, traffic, and border wait times to see current conditions for the Ambassador Bridge border crossing.

Ambassador Bridge Travel Tips

  • Here is a handy link to hotels in Detroit, MI and here is another to hotels in Windsor, Canada
  • The bridge sidewalk on the south side used to allow pedestrians and bicycle but has been closed for decades.
  • Our readers say that the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel each have their advantages. The bridge is good if you need to get to the freeway quickly; the tunnel is good for direct access to the downtown areas of either city.
  • Average wait times entering Canada are roughly 10 minutes on weekdays and 20 minutes on weekends and holidays.
  • In 2011, the city of Windsor was rated to have the 2nd highest number of speed traps per capita in North America.  This was defined as roadways with arbitrarily low speed limits and heavy traffic enforcement.
  • You can call 1-800-381-8477 for Michigan weather and road conditions updates.
  • The Ambassador Duty Free shop is located at 707 Patricia St., Windsor, ON N9B 3B8, (519) 977-9100.  On the American side the Ammex Duty Free Shop is located on Lafayette Street at the U.S. plaza of the Bridge. When traveling 1-75 northbound, take exit 47B and look for entrance on your right.  Phone (586) 819-0467.
  • This is one of only 2 locations along the U.S. Canadian border that can sell duty-free gas.

Telephone Numbers and Contact information for the Border Customs Offices at the Ambassador Bridge

  • You can call the Ambassador Bridge U.S. Customs Office at (313) 226-3141
  • Detroit International Bridge Company: (586) 467-0117
  • For Canadian Customs at this port call the Canadian Border Information Service (BIS) who can answer your questions or transfer you directly to the Canadian port.

Ambassador Bridge GPS coordinates – Latitude & Longitude:

42.311902, -83.073973

Ambassador Bridge Port of Entry Location Map