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Roosville / Grasmere

Roosville / Grasmere – U.S. Hwy 93 / BC Hwy 93

Current Weather for the Roosville / Grasmere border crossingThis is the second most heavily used port in Montana with traffic made up of mainly vacation travelers or local autos. However, delays entering Canada can be as long as 3-4 hours during heavy traffic periods.  The geography just before the Canadian border crossing constricts traffic and can create huge backups.  The solution to this problem is to combine the U.S. and Canadian ports into one building on the American side of the border.  As of 2015, that solution is nowhere in sight, so travelers entering Canada should do their best to avoid peak travel periods.

Rooseville / Grasmere Port Information

  • Hours of Operation – 24 HR service, 7 days a week, year round
  • Roosville is a “Permit Port”, which means that importations of cargo must be approved in advance by the Great Falls Service Port. Contact the Supervisory Entry Officer at 406-453-7631 x309 for more information.

Map of Roosville / Grasmere Border Crossing Area

Current Road Conditions in Montana and British Columbia

Traffic Camera at the Rooseville Grasmere border crossing

Looking North on Canadian Hwy 93 at Border Crossing

We have special pages showing all current road advisories for the State of Montana and the Province of British Columbia. These pages show problems such as roadway accidents, snow or ice, lane closures or blockages, construction, road restrictions, traffic problems, and roadwork around the border crossing.

Travel Tips for the Roosville / Grasmere Customs and Border Crossing

  • Here is a handy link to hotels near the border crossing in Whitefish, Montana and here is another link to hotels on the Canadian side of the port in Cranbrook, Canada.
  • You can retrieve Montana road condition information on your phone by calling 1.800.226.7623 or 1.800.335.7592 (TTY)
  • To hear current road conditions in British Columbia you can call (800)-550-4997.
  • Roosville port GPS coordinates – Latitude & Longitude: 48.99962, -115.05587
  • Send us YOUR tips on this port.

Telephone Numbers for the Border Customs Offices at Roosville / Grasmere

  • Roosville U.S. Customs Office Telephone Number: (406) 889-3865
  • For Canadian Customs at this port call the Canadian Border Information Service (BIS) which can answer your questions or transfer you directly to the Canadian port.