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Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge – Ogdensburg / Johnstown – NY 812 / ON 16

Latest Weather for the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge
The Ogdensburg-Prescott Bridge connects directly with the main north-south highway leading to Ottawa, but is not connected to the interstate highway system in the United States.  As a result, commercial traffic on the Ogdensburg bridge is about one-tenth that of the Thousand Islands Bridge.  Although traffic is heavy, the bridge has unused capacity and border crossings are relatively easy.

Current Border Wait Time Entering Canada at the International Bridge

Passenger Vehicles: No delay
Commercial Vehicles: No delay

Traffic Conditions Map for the X Border Crossing

To view the traffic conditions at the X border crossing, select “View Larger Map” and turn on the traffic layer.

Current Road Conditions in Ontario and New York

We have special pages showing all current road advisories for the State of New York and the Province of Ontario. These pages show problems such as roadway snow or ice, lane closures or blockages, road restrictions, traffic problems, and roadwork.

Port Information for the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

  • Hours of Operation – The service hours for border crossings with limited service hours such as this one can change so you may want to call the border office or otherwise confirm it’s hours of operation.
  • This port is open 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week for auto and commercial traffic.
  • FAST Equipped.
  • The Canadian port was upgraded in 2012 and now has 4 primary inspection lanes and 2 commercial processing lanes.
  • See our page Tolls on Bridges Along the U.S. Canada Border for the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge toll.

Travel Tips for the Ogdensburg-Prescott Bridge Border Crossing

  • Here is a handy link to hotels around Ogdensburg, New York and here is another link to hotels in Ottawa, Canada.
  • You can call 511 or 888-GO511NY (888-465-1169) in New York to get “almost” real time road conditions information.
  • You can also get Ontario road information by phone by calling the following numbers: Provincial Call Centre: 1-800-268-4686, Toronto Area: 416-235-4686,  Provincial TTY: 1-866-471-8929, Niagara Region TTY: 905-704-2426
  • Signs directing you to the bridge are not very good in Canada.  There is only one Highway sign that says “NY 37” on the Canadian side.  Canada is aware of this problem but additional signs are awaiting funding as of 1/1/12.
  • On the Canadian Side of the bridge there is a duty free shop called  Johnstown Duty Free Store at 1028 Hwy 16, Prescott, ON K0E 1T0.  Telephone: 613-925-1024 or Toll Free: 1-888-607-5655.  E-mail: ballen@tidf.ca.
  • On the American side of the bridge, there is a Duty Free America Shop at 104 International Bridge Approach, Ogdensburg, Telephone: (315) 393 – 0480.  Hours: 9am to 9pm Monday Thru Sunday
  • Ogdensburg-Prescott Bridge GPS coordinates – Latitude & Longitude: 44.733307, -75.458047

Telephone Numbers for the Border Customs Offices at Ogdensburg / Prescott

  • Ogdensburg U.S. Customs Border Office Telephone Number: (315) 393-1390
  • Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority: 315-393-4080
  • For Canadian Customs at this port call the Canadian Border Information Service (BIS) who can answer your questions or transfer you directly to the Canadian port.