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U.S. Crimes and Canadian Equivalent

Call for a free consultation about entering Canada with a DUITo determine whether you may be inadmissible to Canada on the basis of a past United States conviction, you, or an attorney, must consider the equivalent Canadian statute for the crime you were convicted of in the United States.    If you were convicted of any of the offenses in this table which are considered to be hybrid or indictable offenses you will be considered criminally inadmissible to Canada.

Common OffencesSummary, Hybrid or Indictable?Serious or non-serious for Canadian Immigration?
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)HybridNon-Serious
AssaultHybridSerious if it involves bodily injury or death
Possession of SubstanceThe seriousness of the offence and the maximum sentence are dependent on the substance and the amount in possessionNon-Serious
False PretensesHybridDepends on circumstances
Trespassing at NightSummary
Failure to AppearHybridNon-Serious
Contempt of the CourtSummaryNon-Serious
Possession – MarijuanaHybrid/SummaryNon-Serious
Possession – Drug ParaphernaliaDoes not render someone inadmissible to Canada.
Possession –with Intent to DistributeHybridDepends on the drug in question
Failure to Stop at the Scene of an AccidentHybridSerious if there was bodily injury or death
Homicide by VehicleIndictableSerious
Careless DrivingHybridNon-Serious
Resisting an OfficerHybridSerious if it involved a weapon
Assault/ Battery on a Family MemberHybridSerious if bodily injury is involved
Violating Implied Consent (Alcohol Testing)HybridNon-Serious
Disobeying Order of the CourtHybridNon-Serious
LarcenyIndictableNon-Serious unless over $5,000
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