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Detroit Windsor Tunnel Tolls

Picture of the toll booths at the Detroit Windsor TunnelThe Detroit–Windsor Tunnel is an underwater highway tunnel connecting Interstate 75 in Detroit, Michigan to Highway 401 in Windsor Ontario in Canada.   It is the second busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada after the nearby Ambassador Bridge.

The tunnel is 2 lanes wide – one in each direction – and almost a mile long.   Immigration and customs plazas are above ground on both sides of the border.

We have complete information on this border crossing on our Detroit Windsor Tunnel border crossing page.

Detroit Windsor Tunnel Toll Information

Vehicles pay a fee to pass the tunnel, except for motorcycles which are prohibited.   You can pay the toll with cash, a credit card, the DWT’s proprietary NEXPRESS Card, or their smartphone app.  The tunnel no longer accepts tokens.

NEXPRESS is a radio-frequency identification card which provides a discount to the normal toll. This card is different from the transponders used on many North American tollways so it cannot be used on tollways such as the New York State Thruway.  The card is “read” without having to be inserted or swiped in a device.  You hold the card near an electronic reader and the toll gate is raised once the card has been read.  Nexpress is the best option if you are a frequent user of the tunnel.

A smartphone app was introduced in 2014 that also provides for discounted tolls.  The Detroit-Windsor tunnel app is available at both the Apple and Google online app stores.  Travelers can use any toll lane at the tunnel with the app.

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Tolls for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Source: Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Not all toll booths are staffed with toll-takers so you have to be careful to choose the proper lane.  Some automated booths take only coins, credit cards or Nexpress cards, but not dollar bills.  There are also NEXUS lanes which provide a quicker border crossing.

Lane Configuration for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Contact Information for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Detroit Windsor Tunnel, LLC
100 East Jefferson
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Canadian Contacts
Administration: 519-258-7424 ext 200
Customer Service: 519-258-7424 ext 219
Fax: 519-256-3505

United States Contacts
Administration and Customer Service: 313-567-4422
Fax: 313-567-2565
There is a Detroit Windsor Tunnel website and you can email the Detroit Windsor Tunnel from the site.

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