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Peace Bridge Tolls

The Peace Bridge connects Interstate 190 in New York to Queen Elizabeth Way in Canada.  We have complete information on this border crossing on our Peace Bridge border crossing page.

Details about Peace Bridge Tolls

  • Although there are Customs plazas at both ends of the bridge, tolls are only collected when entering Canada. Once vehicles leave the Canadian Customs plaza, vehicles approach a smaller toll plaza to pay toll for using the Peace Bridge. There is no charge for crossing the bridge in the U.S. bound direction.
  • Tolls can be paid in US or Canadian dollars or with EZPass.  As of this writing the bridge is still accepting the old Peace Bridge tokens but only at staffed toll booths so make sure you pick the correct lane.  There are no tolls for pedestrians or cyclists.
  • The bridge uses E-Zpass system for electronic toll collection which provides a discount off the cash toll rate.
  • NEXUS cards can be used on the bridge and there are dedicated Customs processing booths for NEXUS card holders.
  • In addition to the applicable commercial toll, a traffic management fee is charged for any special load that requires lane closures or traffic patterns to be altered.

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Tolls on the Peace Bridge

  Current Toll Rates


E-ZPass (USD$)

Cash (USD$)

Cash (CAD$)











2 Axles




3 Axles




4 Axles




5 Axles




6 Axles












Pedestrians and Bicycles


Source: Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority

Picture of the toll booth configuration at the Peace Bridge

Toll Booth Configuration at the Peace Bridge

Contact Information for the Peace Bridge

For information regarding tolls, traffic, and maintenance of the bridge contact the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority

United States
1 Peace Bridge Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14213-2494
Telephone: 716-884-6744

100 Queen Street
Fort Erie, ON L2A 3S6
Telephone: 905-871-1608

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