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Champlain / Lacolle

Champlain / Saint-bernard-de-Lacolle – U.S. Interstate 87, Adronack Northway / Canadian Autoroute 15

Photo showing the American Port at the Champlain NY border crossing with Canada

American Customs at Champlain Port of Entry

The border crossing between Champlain, New York and St. Bernard de Lacolle, Quebec in the town of Blackpool is one of the top 10 busiest crossings between the two countries.  It processes over two million travellers each year, with an average of 525,000 travellers in July and August alone. Traffic congestion has therefore been predictably bad at peak periods with numerous accidents and even deaths over the past decade.  Autoroute 15 to Montreal is listed in some surveys as one of the 10 most congested roadways in North America.  Construction of significant infrastructure upgrades for this port began in 2003, and further improvements are under study.

Both U.S. Interstate 87 and Autoroute 15 on the Canadian side are four-lane divided limited access highways. Champlain-Lacolle is the only major land crossing between New York and Canada that does not involve a river crossing.

Current Traffic Conditions at the Champlain / Lacolle Border Crossing

Always check our page with current border wait times, road conditions, and weather to see real-time road conditions for the Champlain / Lacolle Border Crossing.

Champlain / Lacolle Port Information

  • Hours of Operation  – This port is open 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week
  • FAST Equipped
  • This port has NEXUS lanes for entering the U.S. or Canada.  Nexus lanes are not typically open 24 x 7 so we have a separate page showing their hours of operation.
  • There is a separate bus lane heading either northbound or southbound. Southbound, keep to the far right of the car lanes.

Travel Tips for the Champlain / Lacolle Border Crossing

Diagram of the U.S. Customs Facility at the Champlain / Lacolle border crossing

Traffic flow at Champlain Port of Entry. Click on diagram for larger picture.

  • Here is a handy link to U.S. hotels in near the border crossing and here is another link to hotels in Montreal Canada.
  • Travelers should avoid peak summer periods, such as weekend afternoons and the Sunday after the July 18-31 construction holiday in Quebec.
  • Some travelers recommend that you avoid this port completely by crossing at the Overton Corners / Lacolle port on QC-221 / NY-276 E.  This is about a 20km detour but it avoids the potential backups in Champlain.
  • New York has added bilingual signage on the Interstate 87 approach
  • New York transit authorities can activate message signs to warn approaching motorists of possible delays.
  • You can call 511 or 888-GO511NY (888-465-1169) in New York to get “almost” real time road conditions information.
  • Québec also has the 511 telephone service, available 24/7, which provides road conditions information.  From within Quebec Province call 511 on any phone.  You can also reach it from anywhere in North America by calling 1 888 355-0511 toll free.
  • Duty Free Americas operates a 24 hour shop at this border crossing.   Telephone: (518) 298 – 4081.
  • This map from Quebec 511 provides static road information such as road type, rest areas and other facilities along the road.

Telephone Numbers for the Border Customs Offices at Champlain / Lacolle

  • Champlain U.S. Customs Office Telephone Number: (518) 298-8311
  • For Canadian Customs at this port call the Canadian Border Information Service (BIS) which can answer your questions or transfer you directly to the Canadian port.

Champlain / Lacolle GPS Coordinates – Latitude and Longitude:

45.008781, -73.451988

Map of Champlain / Lacolle Port of Entry