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Heavy rains and flooding in North Dakota and Saskatchewan are once again affecting roadways and U.S. / Canadian border crossings.

Highway 47 was closed from the Noonan / Estevan border crossing up to the city of Estevan due to a washout.   At various times a stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway has been underwater near Wolseley, forcing traffic in both directions to be rerouted.  Highway 39 north of Weyburn is closed to westbound traffic and Highway 35 south of the city is closed entirely.

Flood warnings were also in effect across the Montérégie region, including the Richelieu River, Lake Champlain and the Acadie River.   Towns and border crossings along the Vermont / Quebec border such as Alburg / Noyan are making flood preparations as water continues to build in rivers and reservoirs.

Check our site for the current weather and road conditions for the port you are planning to use  before heading into these areas.