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Rainbow Bridge Update: The bridge has now been reopened and traffic is flowing normally.

The Rainbow Bridge will be closed for several hours Tuesday morning September 17th, 2013 for an international emergency preparedness exercise.  During this exercise, traffic will be rerouted to the Peace Bridge, Queenston-Lewiston Bridge and the Whirlpool Bridge.  Keep in mind that the Whirlpool Bridge can only be used if ALL persons in the vehicle are NEXUS Card holders.

To make the exercise more realistic for emergency response personnel, the exact time for the exercise will not be release until just before the start.  As a result, motorists will need to be prepared to change their plans on short notice.  We will update this post if we get any more information on the exercise time.

On the date of the exercise the twitter feed shown below from the Niagara Regional Police Service is supposed to provide the start and completion of the exercise.  We are including the real-time feed but you should realize it will only provide information on the bridge closure during the exercise window.