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Blue Water Bridge Tolls

The Blue Water Bridge border crossing charges tolls going from both the U.S. to Canada and Canada to the U.S.  The bridge connects Port Huron Michigan with Sarnia (Point Edward) Ontario.  U.S. Interstate 69 and 94 connects with Canadian ON 402.  We have complete information on this border crossing on our Blue Water Bridge border crossing page.  We also have pages for Blue Water Bridge traffic conditions and weather related road conditions.

The Blue Water Bridge crossing is a large complex consisting of toll and inspection plazas on each side of the border. There are two spans, the original Blue Water Bridge which is a three-lane westbound bridge.  The second Blue Water Bridge carries three lanes of eastbound traffic. Tolls are collected at both ends of the bridge and are managed by different entities.

You cannot use a mix of US and Canadian currency.

Tolls on the Blue Water Bridge Entering Canada


USA currency

Canadian currency

Cars $3.00 $4.00
Each Extra Axle $3.00 $4.00
Trucks & Buses $3.25 Per Axle $4.25 Per Axle
Tolls on the Blue Water Bridge Entering the United States
Vehicle CDN US
Car/RV $4.25 $3.25
Extra Axles $4.25 $3.25
Commercial Per Axles $4.50 $3.50
Commercial Per Axles (With a Prepaid Account) $4.25 N/A

For the Canadian tolls, it is possible to set up a commercial account which provides a discount over normal rates.

The bridge authorities are phasing out the use of bridge tokens as of April 1,  2015, but will be providing  a new commuter discount program.

U.S. tolls are subject to a “currency parity policy” which means that the Canadian currency rate for eastbound traffic will be reviewed and adjusted either up or down on April 1 and Oct. 1 of each year.

U.S. Bridge Operations and Toll Information for the Blue Water Bridge

The Michigan Department of Transportation owns the West side of the Bridge and the eastbound toll booths entering Canada.  You can contact the Michigan Department of Transportation at (810) 984-3131.

Canadian Customs and Toll Information for the Blue Water Bridge

The Canadian portion of the Blue Water Bridge and westbound toll booths are owned and operated by Blue Water Bridge Canada.  You can email them at info-bwb@federalbridge.ca or call them toll free at (866)-422-6346 or direct at (519) 336-2720.  Their Operations Department is available 24 hours per day and can be reached at (519) 337-8721.

Address: Blue Water Bridge Canada,  1555 Venetian Blvd, Point Edward, Ontario, Canada N7T 0A9

For Canadian customs, Immigration, Duties, Importing/Exporting and other CBSA related questions please use the following contact information:
Email: contact@cbsa.gc.ca
Local: 519 336 0980
Toll Free: 1 888 242 2100