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Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Tolls

Picture of the Whirlpool Rapids BridgeThe Whirlpool Rapids Bridge at Niagara Falls connects the cities of Niagara Falls, New York, United States, and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.   The American side connects to New York State Route 104 and 182, while the Canadian side of the bridge connects to King’s Highways 3A, 20 and 8.

The bridge has two decks. The upper deck carries railway traffic while the lower deck is a roadway reserved for passenger vehicles only.

Our Whirlpool Rapids Bridge  border crossing page has complete information about this border crossing including current traffic information.

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Details

  • This is a NEXUS ONLY bridge so everybody in the vehicle must have a NEXUS pass.  The tolls for Lewiston-Queenston bridge, Rainbow bridge, and Whirlpool bridge are the same so this table is used for each of them.  The Lewiston-Queenston and Rainbow bridges accept Express pass.  However, but Express Pass cannot be used on the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge as of this writing.
  • The only toll accepted at the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge is prepaid on your NEXUS card or using an EZ-Pass.  Cash and tokens are not accepted at this particular bridge.
  • You must be enrolled in the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission toll program prior to crossing or you can join once you reach the bridge.  To join the program at the bridge you will charge your NEXUS card at the NEXUS kiosk located on the U.S. side of the bridge. Only Canadian or U.S. currency can be used to prepay your tolls at the kiosk.  If you have questions about this procedure you can contact the bridge authority operations department using the telephone numbers or email addresses at the bottom of this page.
  • No commercial vehicles are allowed on the bridge.
  • Pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge.
  • The bridge toll is collected on the U.S. side of the span.

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Tolls on the Whirlpool Bridge – NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES
Autos (USD$)


Cash $3.75 $5.00
E-ZPass $3.75 N/A
ExpressPass $3.75 $5.00
Nexus/Toll $3.75 $5.00
In Tow per Axle $3.75 $5.00

Commercial:(Cash, E-ZPass, ExpressPass)

2 Axles $3.75 $5.00
3 Axles $8.50 $11.25
4 Axles $16.50 $22.00
5 Axles $25.50 $34.00
6 Axles $37.50 $50.25
7 Axles $49.00 $65.50
8 Axles $60.50 $81.00
9 Axles $72.00 $96.25
10 Axles $83.50 $111.75
11 Axles $95.00 $127.00
12 Axles $106.50 $142.50
Buses: (Cash, E-ZPass, ExpressPass)    
2 axle $10.25 $13.50
3 Axle $14.00 $18.50
RV/Limo per Axle $3.75 $5.00

Note: Tolls are paid one way into Canada.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists

50-cents both currencies
Source: Niagara Falls Bridge Commission

For more detailed information, and tolls for commercial vehicles, please visit the Bridge Commission tolls page.

Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Contact Information

The Rainbow, Whirlpool Rapids, and Lewiston-Queenston Bridges are all managed by the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

U.S. Contact Information
5365 Military Rd.
Lewiston, N.Y.

Canadian Contact Information
Canada P.O. Box 395
Niagara Falls, ON.
L2E 6T8

For Existing Commercial Accounts: CommAccounts@niagarafallsbridges.com
For New Commercial Account Inquiries: CommServices@niagarafallsbridges.com
General Inquiries: General_Inquiries@niagarafallsbridges.com