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A construction project at the Pacific Highway crossing in Blaine is underway to replace the current truck processing booth in Lane 1. This lane is expected to be closed from September 19 to October 17. The other two truck processing lanes will remain fully operational during the construction period.

A new “High-Low” primary processing booth is being constructed to allow U.S. CBP officers to process both truck traffic and (lower-height) vehicle traffic from the same structure. This will provide CBP with greater flexibility in expediting the processing of vehicle traffic at the Pacific Highway crossing.

It is expected that southbound cargo wait times at Blaine will increase during this construction. C-TPAT FAST, C-TPAT, and FAST participants may use the Lynden Port of Entry between 0800 -1600 daily during the construction period. The Port of Sumas is also available for all cargo shipments 24 hours a day.   However, it is important to note that the port code transmitted on the e-manifest and the entry must be the same.  If the shipper diverts the shipment from Blaine to Lynden or Sumas, the U.S. CBP can change the port code at the diversion port.  However, for all cargo that requires FDA Prior Notice the port code cannot be changed and the shipment must use the port specified in the Prior Notice.