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Flooding continues to impact numerous roads and border crossings along the U.S. Canadian border in Manitoba and North Dakota.  A Flood Bulletin issued in Manitoba on Tuesday, April 19th, stated that 55 provincial roads and 500 municipal roads were closed due to high water.  A Manitoba resident was killed when he tried to cross a submerged road.  You should check for current updates before driving through these areas or before heading to any port in Manitoba and North Dakota.

North Dakota Highway 18 and the border crossing at Neche / Gretna has been closed.  In 2009, similar circumstances kept this port shut down for 22 days.  If you are heading that way you will need to consider using the Pembina / EmersonLancaster / Tolstoi, or Wahalla / Winkler border crossings instead of Neche.  Lancaster has temporarily increased their hours of operation to 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. to accommodate detouring traffic.    If you are planning to take advantage of these new hours call the border crossing office at the numbers listed on our website before you leave to ensure they are still offering this temporary extension.

The Red River is forecast to crest in Emerson between April 25th and 28th so keep an eye on the situation.

ezbordercrossing.com is currently in the process of enhancing it’s border crossing web pages with up-to-date road and weather conditions so check our site before traveling towards the border.